Craig Goldy presents: Destiny Bridge, get your demos into the hands of powerful people in the industry that will listen to your music with true intentions of helping you get signed!
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I have many powerful industry contacts, under contract with me willing to listen to your Music with true intentions to help you get a record deal.

Just one of my producers under contract with this program, who just won a Grammy in 2005, will go straight to the Head of Business Affairs of Major labels like Sony, Warner Bros, Epic…etc and Independent labels as well…cut right through the red tape… and if the record company likes what they hear in your material… you’ve got a record deal!

Right now there are many open slots with Major and Independent Record Labels for the year 2010 and 2011 with  record deal budgets between $20,000 -$100,000 still available. I've been finding that the normal average is between $20,000 and $50,000 record deal budgets with open slots for 2010 and 2011 right now that work directly along side Destiny Bridge, you really can be be one of the artists that accomplish this goal

Depending on your Individual advancement you will have a phone number to reach me personally.

Let’s face it… a lot of musicians spend quite a bit of money trying to get noticed and nothing ever comes of it:

  • Thousands of dollars for an entertainment attorney to shop your demos
  • Hundreds to thousands of dollars spent in plane flights, hotel rooms CD copies to go to NAMM in hopes to run into someone famous that you can lay your CD on
...and chances are they won’t even listen to it.
I have written Hit songs, been in Hit bands,tours and videos.
Let me show you the 12 qualities that make a Hit song and Hit band a hit. Also I can show you the guaranteed method on how to develop your own style and become unique.


Even if you don't want or think you need to deal with record company's and want to
market yourself on the still need to know how to write the kind of songs that capture the attention of hundreds of thousands to millions of people...and that's were I come in.
Use my 20 years of experience of success and failure to your benefit

Success Stories!

Congratulations to Metal Knights!

UPDATE: Metal Knights now have a record deal with world wide distribution and are currently world renown...they didn't stop at the garage....why should you?
On their first try writing songs they ended up with the #1 most requested song on a radio station that broadcasts worldwide. That song is called "MIRACLE IN DISGUISE"

Their second try became the #1 song and #1 most downloaded on Mystage Metal for a solid month. That song is called "DEATH DEFIER"

Their third try also became the #1 song and #1 most downloaded on Mystage Metal solid for 2 months. That song is called "The Gates of Hell"

They are also set to open up for a supreme legendary Metal/Rock band at a Festival in Jan 2009.

(the details can't be disclosed at this time but you'll be the first to know when all information can be released)

The lead singer RAZOR has been on the front cover of 3 Metal Magazines, they have a Powerful Manager and a record deal offer on the table right now!!

Let's keep an eye out for them!!
Official Homepage

"Congratulations to Mike Guerrero who is now the lead guitarist for "Death Riders"

With the original vocalist for Anthrax, Neil Turbin! Let's watch out for them!"



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This is your chance…. if you think you have what it takes…. You have a legitimate opportunity to make it happen.


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